Commodity Trading Still Lucrative

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Traders could right or wrong in any given trade in the best free commodity trading in Indian stock market; they’re playing probability. So a good trader works on the balance between two eras. On the one hand, traders have to place enough trades that prospect can run its course. On the other, traders need to deliberate their focus and capitalize on the best opportunity out there, based on the power of each particular opportunity. My sense is that when you get to the appropriate conceptual level, each trader has 7-15 really good trades at any given time, even if we implement them in various ways.

Markets Move In around way

Everybody knows that before some years the markets are fast and some years they are slow. As you might envision, good traders are more active at what time a type of market comes around that provides lots of opportunities to implement their strategies. Good traders want to trade on the chance that is there, rather than forcing trades that aren’t predominantly great. In fact, always we find that good traders tend to be many times more active when times are good, putting as many of their recognizable eggs in the best baskets they can.

Whatever you may not know is that markets move in seasonal cycles throughout the year, as well.The holidays are one factor here: summers and Decembers are pretty slow, as people are on vacation. Lots of trading occurs on special days such as options running out and the last day of the month. Announcements by central banks and the release of various other reports help drive trading. And there is a so-called Earnings Season, which occurs once per quarter from about 20-25 days after the end of the quarter. Most of the trader’s types of traders trade far smaller quantity shares when there’s little new information coming out.

What Happened Today

Today is 22 February, so slightly below average in terms of how active the market is, but envoy enough. I placed nineteen trades today. The bottom half was on the complete non-trades, small trading in which we never built up significant positions in share market. The top three or four accounted for 80-90% of my real activity today, which is pretty typical. The top two accounted for all of my profits, which is not uncommon. On an extremely active day I may place in excess of 50 trades, but on an actually slow day, I may only do two. My algorithmic trading box will make another 2-5  trades on a typical day, but that could be zero or it could be 100 in extreme circumstances.

Many of my colleagues place fewer total trades, but their activity is more consistently distributed. One guy nearby put on four trades, of approximately equal size. Another did twenty-five, again of the fairly equal size of the trade. One more thing that manages a portfolio of lots of small trades all the time whole day in the commodity market, and he traded around in many trades of them, entering a new way here or chip off a bit there in the stock market.

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