Golden Rules of Commodity Trading

  1. Always use that type of money you can pay for to lose. If it’s on top of it you won’t be clever to enjoy the rational freedom to create sound trading judgements. Key is the mental independence.
  2. Start little. Test your all trading setup oe system and its reason through the paper trading or back experiment it with the obtainable data. Then initiate with little quantities or a solitary lot.
  3. Be patient & disciplined with the deal setup and its reason. Have assurance in it and don’t bottom your trade on expect. Perform as a robot with no any emotions and have purpose temperament. Don’t attempt to time the market’s low & high for a trade entry. In fact let them develop so as to verify the formation and then leave in. It’s better to obtain in with some kind of confirmation rather receiving stuck in a fake formation.

 Impatience results in:

-jumping in deals & getting stuck in incorrect direction

-getting out rapidly of a potential gainful trade

  1. Trade, what you observe, not what you desire to see. Be a market trend follower and travel the momentum. Don’t initiate the day with an view. Let the trading market tell where it needs to go. Opinions are what acquire you in the trouble. Always deal the trend. In fact the ride it.
  2. Try to shun market orders. Use of it perfprms lack of discipline & patience and conviction in your deal setup and its reason. Before incoming a trade everything must be pre planned (exit/ entry/stop loss).
  3. Never come in your entire trading position one rate. Do it in 2 to 3 installments to observe if the market is touching in your way before totally committing manually.

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