Important Rules for Futures Traders

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Always use a system orNewsletter and stick to it.

Follow money managing techniques to your trading.

Don’t Over trade.

Catch a position simply, when you make out where your profit target is and where you are going away to get out if the market goes in opposition to you.

Always trade with the movement, rather than trying to choose tops & bottoms.

Do not  trade several markets with little money.

Do not just trade the volatile agreement.

Analyze the reward/risk  ratio previous to putting a trade on, then protector against the peril of holding it longer.

Create your trading tactics before the market starts to eliminate emotional responses.
Choose on exit points, entry points and objectives. Subject your choices to only minor changes through the session.

Follow your preparation. Once a position is started and stops are chosen, don’t get out unless the stop is achieved, or the fundamental basis for taking the situation changes.

Utilize technical signals (charts) to keep up discipline – the vast majority of dealers is not emotionally equipped to keep on disciplined without a few technical tools. Use discipline to reduce impulse trading.

Utilize a disciplined trade chosen system… an organized, methodical process to reduce impulse and emotional trading.

When you have a winning trade, fight the natural propensity to give a little of it back.

Trade with a strategy – not with hope, fear or greed. Strategy where you will acquire in the market, strategy, how much you will peril on the trade, and strategy where you will take your earnings.

Don’t overstay a superior market. If you do, you are limited to overstay a terrible one also.

Trade every position in Futures on a present basis. The position must provide a profit by the closing stages of the second day after the position is in use, or else get out.

Program your brain to accept several small losses. Program your brain to “sit still” for a few big gains.

Forever use stop orders, Forever… Forever… Forever.

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