Intraday Trading Definition & Style


What is an Intraday trading and how can we do it? This is a very good question of beginners if you don’t know it, let me explain it to you right now. Intraday trading is one trading technique that enters and exits the market, usually on the same day or one day. Intraday is one of the most popular trading technique in nowadays. Intraday is more beneficial in the commodity market, traders can do trading in commodity through Intraday. Commodity Trading Tips is very effective in Intraday for making a profit on the same day.

What profit could we get from Intraday trading? Well, the most explicit are that you don’t have to pay for a rollover or interest charge to your broker for letting you trade opens until the new day has started. Because if you let your trade opens in a couple days or weeks or months, then you have to pay your broker an interest fee because they are also paying those fees to the inter banks that bridging your trades with the markets. The best thing of Intraday you can hold your trading for couples week or months, but you have to pay some charge for a broker, it’s called an interest fee.

OK, lets us get back to the Intraday topic now. So what kind of traders are you? There are types of traders in share market. Each and every one of them has their own planning, strategy, money management and trading style of their own. Intraday trading is one of those styles that are being found by many commodity traders out there nowadays.

So what are other benefits of this Intraday style of trade? I have described one advantage of this trading style above. The other I believe is the swing trades and position trades, but the Intraday style is more make sense to me because this kind of style has a more logical point and automatically has a low risk involved in each trade initiated.

What I mean by the more logical target is that the trade has a smaller benefit target but it’s easy to reach. Unlike those swing trades or position trades, we could find more trading believable in doing Intraday trading. We could find many chances to do Intraday trading because we see everything in the same time frame and based our judgment from there.

The stop loss also can be lower than doing swing trades or position trades because we point our stop loss also based on the miniature time framework such as the 10, 25 or 35-minute chart.

So as this being said, if you are a newcomer in commodity and you only come in with a handful of your hard making money to invest in this trading. Then I think it is good for you to consider this trading style as your main style because as I described above, with everything less, you can manage your money better because the potential benefit and the potential loss are beyond your reach.

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