Intraday Trading in commodities

Hello friends, I am simply trying to share my knowledge or information and Free Commodity Tips for Intraday Traders about Intraday trading in the commodities. Hope, its work. What I recognize, I am simply sharing that.

Time frame: we can separate Indian commodities marketplace into two sessions, first from the 10:00 am to 06:00 pm then 2nd is after open global market from 06:00 pm to end time of the day. Maximum time from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm, commodities marketplace is range bound and following the 06:00 pm its explain big setback movement. After 06:30 pm, trading in the commodities with short SL for large target is extremely useful.

News: News in the commodities trading is extremely important. The commodity trading is fully based on global news because a way of trend can locate by the global news and rate only but this is forever a headache for the trader. There are a lot of data & news about the commodities in the global market, which is very useful and which is not obliging. Some time trader missess necessary news also and sometime he gathers too much ineffective news from the internet like he isn’t Intraday trader, but need to purchase commodities for future necessity of his project in the corporeal form so at present hedging them.

Most of the commodities traders even income good profit from it by Intraday or positional deals also don’t recognize that why commodity exchange and how it performance in real.  Just on the business news channel at the 10:00 am and 06:00 pm, there you can get Commodities News & MCX Tips and Charts. There you can get all essential news about the commodities. Its extra than sufficient for Intraday trading.

Chart Setup & Read: Just release chart of the commodity, there must be (P&V) Price & Volume panel at live chart. Apply ATP in the trading chart. ATP is the most important thing in the commodities. You can put in pivot level also in it. Forever watch quantity part of the chart.  Please don’t build your chart to sketch sheet by putting in a lot of pointers and draw directly, right, left, vertical, horizontal. Upward, downward 100 to 200 lines in the diagram name of so called XYZ strategy and study, then you can’t observe the proper rate also.

Find the chance for LONG &s SHORT: Always LONG the hardly commodities and the SHORT the feeble commodities.

Strong Commodity:

  • Buyers are maximum then Sellers
  • The percentage modify is more than +0.5 percent
  • Sustain on top of the ATP
  • Any optimistic breakout at past chart can also verify.

Weak Commodity:

  • Sellers are maximum than Buyers.
  • The percentage varies is more than -0.5 percent
  • Sustain underneath the ATP
  • Any Negative breakout at chronological chart can also verify.

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