What is MCX Trading?

Multi Commodity Exchange of the India Ltd (MCX) is the independent commodity exchange in India. MCX established in 2003 and it is based in Mumbai. MCX is India’s largest commodity future exchange and world’s 6th biggest commodity exchange and the turnover of the exchange for the quarter ended September 2017 was 26.08 trillion rupees. MCX offers trading in various commodity futures, including Bullion, Non-Ferrous metals, Energy. It was run under the regulatory framework of FMC but at the beginning of 2016 FMC merged with The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and now MCX is running under SEBI regulatory privileges.

Market Operations:

Trading: A member of MCX performs a trading operation using Trading exchange place, a platform for placing and executing orders.

Clearing and Settlement: Activities regarding delivery, fund settlements, Trading Monitoring.

Delivery: Delivery & Settlement of commodities traded are completed and performed by Delivery Department of exchange. The Delivery department provides delivery related documentation.

Warehousing of Commodities: This division caters to exchange members need to store commodities and provide delivery through the exchange. Warehousing and Logistics is an important division of the exchange, it works is to create the bridge between exchange and delivery division.

The MCX is an unbalanced market, so don’t put all your money in one product because a failure in the market can big response to loss your all capitals. If you’re not an expert or market analyst so, you can advice to any reliable Advisory Firm like Trifid Research.