NCDEX Castor Seed @ Long Term Investment for Chana

Castor Seed: If you are Looking Long term investment in castor seed then it’s correct place. At present, castor seed is trading Support for  NCDEX CASTORSEED MAY  delivery is seen at 3900 and 3860 levels while resistance is seen at 4000 and 4050 levels within February contract, but it is not the right time to purchase and sell. All investors can Sell Castor seed when it’s arrived at the levels of 4350 to 4450 target 3900 and stop loss 4671. You can take 1 to 20 lot depend your capacity.

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Chana NCDEX: At the present market price Chana is showing unstable or we can say it will be a good time for long term investment. So you should purchase Support for  NCDEX CHANA MAY delivery is seen at 3020 and 2980 levels while resistance is seen 3090 and 3120 levels.


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