Profitable Trading Tips for Indian Commodity Market


In India, there are two prime markets or in other words, we can trade in two places, one is a stock market or equity market and other is a commodity market. If you want to invest more capital and earn more profit than the Indian Commodity market is best for you. Before the trading in the Indian commodity market, you should know about the trading tips for the commodity market. Some profitable trading tips are given below:

Knowledge about Market:

 It is the first step for share market trading. You should have lots of information about the market where you are trading. You should have knowledge about MCX and NCDEX which are two main parts of the commodity market and also know about the products which are coming with it. There are many firms like Trifid Research who provides Commodity Tips and Free Commodity Trading Tips.

Account Process:

You must have to create an account within a reputed broker registered to NCDEX or MCX, you have to choose in which segment you want to trade. After opening an account, you need to choose the commodities like as gold, silver, metals, crude oil, natural gas etc. that you are ready to trade.


 After selecting your commodities you have three to six agreement open that will be invalid or expired after the few period of time. Then you expected to set an order to purchase or sell or you can do both at the same time. Every commodity trading is only marginally founded and has an exclusive marginal value by the commodity exchanges that must be paid for your trading. Normally, the margin value varies within 10 to 20% and do change by the exchanges time to time. Change happens only when the market becomes excessively imaginary.


Diversification of investment is one of the most profitable tips for the concept of trading. Keep your eyes and ears open and try not to miss even a single piece of episodic information concerned to the commodities market. Do not rely perfectly on the move of other speculators. Apply your own knowledge and techniques before making any important move. Don’t invest all your capital in one market or on one type of commodity. This is the best way to hedge your risk and make safe trading. If you want to avoid risk, so the best option is a choice an advisory company or take expert advice, who can give you Free Commodity Tips and Online Commodity Tips for safe trading.

Other Tips:

In the commodity trading, most of the trades want to sell or buy their contacts at the eleventh hour of the market opening. They wait and hope that their benefit will be maximized significantly by that, but that is not reality. This happens because of lack of information regarding the trading process in the commodity trading. Before buying or selling your commodity you must have to calculate your profits and its future anticipation as well. You should only sell or buy at a convenient time when the calculation favors you. You may take the risk of waiting till the end time of your contracts when it undoubtedly confirms your profit otherwise you may have to face a big loss. Your profit and losses will be automatically deducted or add from your account. If your account faces any kind of lack of capital, the broker asks you for the cheque.

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