Trading in Indian Share Market


To trade in the Indian stock market, firstly we should know what particular stock is? STOCK is a share or part ownership in that company or firm that issues the stock. The stock market is a place where stocks of companies are brought and sold for more capital. Stocks are the ladders or say the key points in the stock market. It depends on the economy of the country. Stock is the main part of share market.Many investment and advisory companies provides Commodity Tips and also Other Segment.

It is a very disputable market where everyone wants to win and earn lots and lots of money, if earning money could be as simple as we all think then each and every person would have become millionaires. We cannot take stock market as a place for getting rich, quick dreams, you cannot make capital out here just because you are very lucky. Here those people win who invest not only capital, but their time in learning and experiencing. STOCK market is probably a place “Where the people with the money meet people with the experimentation and at the end of the day people with the money get Anubhav and people with experience gets the money” Stock market is more or less a type of gamble, which everyone wants to play, causes may be what so ever. But the investor who earns a profit out of this gamble is only known as real Trader. There are mainly two stock exchanges in India in which trading is done.

They are NSE and BSE.

NSE– (National stock exchange) in India 85% of trading is done in NSE. NSE contains top 50 companies in all.

BSE–(Bombay stock exchange) it was first started in 1927 and is less popular in India. BSE contains 30 companies in all. Do not terror when you are new to the STOCK market. All of us opine that learning will last forever, but it’s not true, we just have to keep in mind some key signal when we are going to invest in the stock market. Some of them are as follows:-

Firstly, open a “Demat account” this account keep your shares in electronic form. Demat accounts can be opened either in banks, financial institutions or stock broking houses. Demat account is the most important thing in the share market, without a Demat account, you can not trade in share market.

It is also suggested to have suggestions for an investment advisory company or to hire an advisory company to advise you how to invest and where to invest. Many advisory firms give Free trial for 2-3 days like Trifid Research, take its advantage and practice trading before actual trading in the Stock Market.They provides Commodity Tips for Beginners.

Get information about the type of stocks, also of which company.

  • Fix your investment money at the starting so that money management can be done.
  • Start with a low investment capital, try to invest small amount at the beginning.
  • Try to do always ledge trading.
  • Variety your stocks for different companies.
  • Try to trade in Intraday stock market or short term trading.
  • Try to invest for a big span of time in order to make out more and more benefits.
  • Try to sell at the right time neither too late nor too early.

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